Holiday How-To: Talking Money with Family

Getting together with family over the Holidays presents a unique—albeit delicate—opportunity to discuss finances with your aging parents. We live in a society where asking people about their money is considered rude. Many families are secretive about their savings.  Despite the discomfort, consider how caring for your parents financially might […]

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Take Control for a Better Retirement

A solid retirement plan is about much more than a collection of investments and insurance products. Be organized about your approach. Here’s how. If the past year has taught us anything, it is that so many things in life feel “out of our control.”  The COVID pandemic certainly has dominated […]

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5 Personal Finance Tips For Small Business Owners

One of the first rules of entrepreneurship is you’re never supposed to mix your business and personal finances. But sometimes, business owners will go too far in the opposite direction, spending so much time running their business, working on their business, and investing profits back into their business that they […]

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7 Financial Education Tips for Kids

Americans rank their finances as the No. 1 cause of their stress. Not surprisingly, there is also a lack of financial literacy in this country. And while financial education programs are on the rise (it’s required in school curriculums in 37 states), we still have a long way to go. […]

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